What Would A Land Rover Pick-Up Look Like?

What Would A Land Rover Pick-Up Look Like?What Would A Land Rover Pick-Up Look Like? Have you ever wondered what a luxury Land Rover pick up truck might look like? Even though this image was made just for fun as a way to count down the Mercedes-Benz truck, this rendering gives a real look at how Land Rover might decide to design a truck, should they decide to move into that segment. This rendering by Theophilus Chin aims to show what the latest generation Land Rover Discovery could look like. Although Land Rover has never openly discussed producing a truck, Land Rover is very able to produce such a car and with the recent success of the Jaguar F-Pace, JLR may look to the luxury pick up segment as a way to expand their brand. Furthermore, Land Rover recently released the highly anticipated Land Rover Evoque convertible one of the first SUV convertibles, displaying the brand’s willingness to experiment with its models.

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