What Its Really Like to Drive the Range Rover Velar

What Its Really Like to Drive the Range Rover Velar

What Its Really Like to Drive the Range Rover Velar! We reported about the all-new Range Rover Velar a few months ago writing, “The Range Rover Velar is a low profile SUV that has beautiful and sleek design notes. It features a slanted roof which tapers into a fastback design that is reminiscent of a mix between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport.  Reports believe the new aluminum-intensive platform that underpins the Jaguar F-Pace will be utilized on this model. Even with its beautiful design, Land Rover says it will still be engineered to handle rough terrain.”

Now we are excited to share what some of our favorite magazines are saying about driving the Range Rover Velar. “It’s expensive and for all the coachwork’s charm and otherworldliness of the cabin, there are a few bum notes apart from the slightly iffy ride. Those door handles look naff, the door pockets are as gloomy as Gollum’s cave, I never got quite comfortable in the driver’s seat, and the uppermost touch screen is an inch too shallow to show a decent amount of sat nav map,” said Andrew English for Telegraph. He continued,”But when you see the Velar, somehow none of this matters much. I hate to write this, for there are some folk who will never, ever forgive Land Rover for what it has done to the new Discovery, but Velar is so handsome that when you walk away, the temptation to turn and just take one more look is well-nigh irresistible.”

Richard Aucock for Motoring Research wrote, “It’s clear the fourth Range Rover is something special. It’s not cheap (Range Rovers never are: doesn’t stop ’em from selling), and tactile drivers should still go for F-Pace, but the styling, the interior and the experience of driving it and sitting within it means it does deliver something special and different. Land Rover kept mentioning the modern-sounding phrase of reductionism, and I get it. Like minimalism, but more sophisticated, warm and engaging. Experience the Velar and you too feel like a sophisticated desigenry sort. The Velar might be a landmark car for Land Rover. The machine that leads the brand’s move from traditional premium into futuristic, sophisticated luxury goods. Because if this is such an event, just imagine what the next Range Rover will be like. In focusing so much on tech-savvy, Apple-loving luxury buyers, it’s created a machine with untold showroom appeal. The drive, while good, is secondary. It’s all about the experience. And what an experience it is.”

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