Sporting New Tech: The Biggest Tech and Engine Upgrades for the 2019 Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport Gets Engine Upgrade

To remain a household name of automotive luxury and craftsmanship, one must continue to push the limits of innovation year after year. This is a fact that the Jaguar Land Rover company has long since known.

This is a principle they’ve been applying to the Range Rover Sport model for years. The results have spoken for themselves. The Range Rover Sport the most popular model sold by the Jaguar Land Rover company in the United States in 2018. Not just 2018, but it has been such every year since 2006.

It isn’t easy to maintain that sort of sustained popularity. To achieve this, the Jaguar Land Rover company has needed to continually focus on how they can improve the Range Rover Sport model with each new year.

Let’s check out what the latest innovations and upgrades the JLR company has engineered into their latest vehicle in this line, the 2019 Range Rover Sport.

Engine Upgrades

The Jaguar Land Rover company is continuing a push to make their lineup more efficient and environmentally friendly. They’ve made a couple major engine upgrades to the 2019 Range Rover Sport in a push to accomplish this.

Diesel Engine Upgrade

One of the major engine upgrades announced for the new model year comes with some good news and bad news for customers within the United States.

The previous year’s 2.0L diesel engine has undergone a significant upgrade. It has been boosted to a 3.0L twin-turbocharged V6 diesel engine with an output of 245 horsepower. Unfortunately, the availability for the model with this engine is currently limited to European markets.

Hybridization: the Start of JLR’s Electrification Push

At the 2017 JLR Tech Fest in London, Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth made a major announcement. He stated that from 2020 on, every new model line will be electric.

One of the major steps in this direction comes with the launch of the 2019 Range Rover Sport P400e. This is the very first plug-in hybrid model released by Land Rover.

The gas part of this dual powertrain is comprised of a 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The electric portion is made up of a compact electric motor powered by a 13.1-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. The overall system output of this powertrain is rated at 398 horsepower and 472 foot-pounds of torque.

You won’t feel like you’re driving a hybrid though. as this power output translates to the ability to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 6.7 seconds.

On electric power alone, this hybrid model is able to travel up to 31 miles.

2019 Range Rover Sport Technological Upgrades

Previous Range Rover Sports were already infused with several high-tech options. Still, the JLR company continues to upgrade those already existing and add in new ones in each new model year. This keeps the Range Rover Sport on the bleeding edge of driver experience and safety.

Predictive Energy Optimisation (PEO)

The PEO system is a technological advance that continues to optimize your vehicle’s efficiency level. It does this by using data acquired from the GPS to plan and optimize your route according to the most energy efficient path.

This option was already available for United States customers, but is new to customers in China.

Stop and Go Technology Added to Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control is a technology already well-established within the Jaguar Land Rover company’s lineup.

Like traditional cruise control, the adaptive version of this technology allows a vehicle to maintain a set speed. The upgraded adaptive cruise control system allows a vehicle to keep a set distance between it and the vehicle in front of it. It does this by accelerating and decelerating according to that set distance.

When paired with the newly available steering assist system, this technology allows your vehicle to detect both lane markings and the vehicle directly in front of it to keep centered within your lane. It does so via minor interventions to your steering system.

The 2019 Range Rover Sport allows customers the option to complement this technology by incorporating the stop and go system with it.

This allows your Range Rover to not only maintain a set distance from the car in front, but to do so even down to a complete stop. Once traffic begins to move again, the vehicle pulls away and carries on in its adaptive cruise mode.

For added safety, high-speed emergency braking is also incorporated into this system for when an obstruction or sudden stoppage is detected ahead.

InControl Touch Pro Duo Infotainment System and Options

In the 2018 model year, the InControl Touch Pro Duo infotainment system was introduced for the Range Rover Sport line. This unit returns to the latest Range Rover Sport, but with an updated layout and interface.

This system features two 10-inch touchscreens for audio, navigation, and climate control. For the driver, a 12-inch display screen integrated into the instrument panel cluster is included.

Customers also have the option to add a 10-inch heads-up display that spans across the windshield. This allows for even more of a technologically-enhanced driving experience.

Also new to the InControl Touch Pro infotainment system is the addition of the Smartphone Pack. This system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Hook up your smartphone and control compatible apps with the InControl Touch Pro’s touchscreen.

This means a more customized in-car experience while simultaneously improving the safety of yourself and other drivers on the road.

A High-Tech, Luxurious, and Increasingly Efficient Driving Experience

Year after year, the Jaguar Land Rover company continues to offer comfortable, luxurious driving experiences. It does so through continued innovations in technological and mechanical upgrades. This is part of the reason the name has long endured as a symbol of quality and class.

Next in line to carry the torch is the 2019 Range Rover Sport model. Based on this model year’s upgrades, we think it will do the job quite well.

If this vehicle sounds like the perfect fit for you, or if you have any questions on finance and availability, get in contact with us. We’ll help you join the tradition by getting into your new 2019 Range Rover Sport as soon as possible.

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