Land Rover Tests Smart Cars in England

Land Rover Tests Smart Cars in England

Land Rover Tests Smart Cars in England! Recently, Jaguar Land rover began testing their smart, connected cars in their home country to prepare for their foray into self-driving cars. These tests are part of a 7.1 million euro project that aims to create the first fully connected infrastructure geared towards self-driving cars. These cars will “talk” to each other on UK roads and other surroundings in order to improve safety, avoid more accidents and prepare for self-driving.

Some of this improved infrastructure includes DSRC, 3/4G mobile networks, WiFi, and Fiber Optic that would ensure vehicles can always be connected to one another and to infrastructure. This technology, referred to as V2X, expands upon some of the technology that JLR has already been working on, like cars that park themselves.

“To realize the full benefit of self-driving cars, we need to understand the infrastructure that’s required to support them. Connectivity not only takes us a step closer to making self-driving cars a reality but it also creates the platform to bring more connected safety features to our customers within the next few years. We’re working with some fantastic global experts across industry and academia and we’re eager to take the project into this next phase of testing.” – Colin Lee, Jaguar Land Rover Connectivity Manager

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