JLR Working on Selfie Identification

JLR Working on Selfie Identification! Selfie identification has become a widely discussed topic lately. Amongst groups that have cell-phones (most of western society), taking selfies is a pretty common practice. Banks have started researching how to use this as a way to verify someone’s identity based on facial reading software. It seems this concept has finally made its way to automotive if recent patents taken out by Jaguar-Land Rover are anything to go on.

JLR Working on Selfie Identification

According to PC Mag, JLR is working to develop a system that would unlock vehicles via selfie, which is proven by a patent that was published las month. The technology would use car-mounted cameras that would use facial recognition and gait analysis to identify drivers. Current entry methods, such as keyless push to start and automatic unlocking fobs, are easier to steal while someone’s image and gait are not. JLR devised a program that will recognize the driver’s face as they approach the vehicle, so a single image or stolen photograph would not be enough to break into the vehicle.  Alongside a key fob identification module, Jaguar-Land Rover expects the program”to provide a more robust and higher-security door access system.” The cameras will only record when the car identifies the registered key fob is in the vicinity and is not planned to act as a security cam. Drivers can also register other drivers, allowing friends and family to unlock the vehicle as well.

A Jaguar Land Rover spokeswoman declined PCMag’s request for comment, saying that the company “does not comment on future technology patents.”

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