JLR Working On Fuel Cells Is Complete Nonsense

JLR Working On Fuel Cells Is Complete Nonsense

JLR Working On Fuel Cells Is Complete Nonsense! According to a recent article by TopSpeed, Jaguar Land Rover technical director Wolfgang Ziebart has dismissed the idea of Jaguar Land Rover pursuing hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles. Although we’ve reported that Land Rover will probably work towards more hybrid vehicles and that Jaguar has recently shown a concept of the electric I-Pace, JLR seems to be embracing cleaner fuel options even if it isn’t working on developing a fuel cell engine. Toyota released their fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai, in California and Europe last year and Honda has just announced the Clarity will go on sale in California.

Ziebart apparently called FCVs “complete nonsense,” likely because of the poor efficiency in comparison to battery electric vehicles explaining, “You end up with a well to wheel efficiency of roughly 30 percent for hydrogen, as opposed to more or less well to wheel 70 percent efficiency for a battery electric vehicle. So the efficiency of putting the electric energy directly into a battery is about twice as high as the efficiency of producing and using hydrogen.”

It will be interesting to see how electric and fuel cell vehicles evolve. If the technology behind hydrogen powered fuel cells becomes more efficient, we could see more widespread adoption of the technology which means less emissions and a healthier environment.

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