JLR Wants To Bring Electric Manufacturing to England

JLR Wants To Bring Electric Manufacturing to England

JLR Wants To Bring Electric Manufacturing to England! Jaguar-Land Rover is looking to create more jobs in the UK by bringing electric vehicle manufacturing to the West Midlands in England. This would further boost the UK automotive sector, especially after the polarizing Brexit vote. According to Reuters, the carmaker built just under a third of Britain’s 1.6 million cars last year. JLR is hoping to build a new plant in the West Midlands which would include test centers and a research facility on a 60-acre site close to its Coventry headquarters, while it hopes to eventually build a battery manufacturing plant that could eventually include production lines for electric vehicles. Currently these batteries are being developed in the UK by JLR and Warwick Manufacturing Group (part of Warwick university) and they will be manufactured in Austria.

As we recently shared, the new Electric I-Pace will be built on the new skateboard platform, which stations the flat battery between the axles with an electric motor at either end. This allows for greater design flexibility, which is important since Jaguar has to ensure their models have a consistent look. Currently Jaguar-Land Rover operates three car plants in central and northern England, but with these plans they could create more jobs. According to Chief Executive, Ralf Speth, who spoke about this in an industry meeting, said “We want to build our EVs (electric vehicles) in the West Midlands, in the home of our design and engineering. This is why we must bring battery R&D and production to the UK.”

Jaguar Land Rover is hoping to have half of its cars available in an electric version by 2020. To create these jobs, JLR is challenging the government to invest 450m euros in infrastructure in the Midlands, saying that it could create 10,000 jobs to build electric cars in the region. Speth urged the government to improve local infrastructure by including an extra 12 to 15 gigawatts of electricity per year and shared that England should fight to win the competition to become a world leader in electric cars, “The German government wants to be ahead in this [electric technology]. We are in a race. Either we win or we lose.”

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