How to Install a Land Rover Tow Hitch

How to Install a Land Rover Tow Hitch

Land Rover’s are known for their outdoor capabilities–including towing. The Land Rover Discovery Sport, for example, can tow an impressive 4,409 lbs. Land Rover even designed a safety feature called Trailer Stability Assist, which helps drivers stabilize their trailer at speeds above 50 miles per hour. In order to take advantage of these capabilities, you need to know how to install a Land Rover Tow hitch.

What is Trailer Stability Assist?

Trailer stability assist helps the vehicle stabilize when trailer oscillation causes swerving. It counter balances the sway movement through a-symmetric braking.

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How to Install a Land Rover Tow Hitch:

  1. In order to install the hitch, locate the red plastic cap underneath the backside of your Land Rover.
  2. Ensure that the key on the hitch is locked and cannot be moved.
  3. Insert the hitch receiver into the slot.
  4. Turn the key to lock it into place and remove the key.

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