Jaguar Land Rover Suing Chinese Automaker for Evoque Copycat

Jaguar Land Rover is suing Chinese Automaker, Jiangling Motors, over an Evoque copycat, the Landwind X7 SUV. The Land Rover Evoque is JLR’s first model to be made in China and went on sale last year. A spokesperson for JLR emailed with Reuters saying that a court in Beijing’s eastern Chaoyang district “served Jiangling with newly filed actions surrounding copyright and unfair competition.” It is a pretty rare move for a foreign automaker to fight copycats in one of the world’s largest markets; but JLR is extremely protective of their brand and it makes sense that they would take any copycatting seriously.  Jake Spring of Reuters explains. “Despite widespread and often blatant copying, global automakers generally don’t take legal action in China as they feel the odds of winning against local firms are low. Also, a lawsuit can be bad for branding if the Chinese public think a foreign company is bullying domestic competitors.”

The Landwind X7 costs around a third of the price of an Evoque and is behind in technology and performance Yale Zhang, managing director of Automotive Foresight, explained. The spokesperson for JLR said Jiangling has been barred by injunction from selling the X7 in Brazil and that the two brands are discussing what Landwind can and can’t do in any X7 design updates. Intellectual property is an extreme issue in the world of the internet where everything is easily stolen. Last summer, CEO of JLR Raf Speth addressed his disappointment with intellectual property theft to AutocarIndia, “China, from my point of view has enough creativity and engineering power to do something on their own and doesn’t have to fall back to the time when copying was of interest. We can’t do anything. I hope the Chinese customer at the end of the day sees the difference and selects the real product and not a copied one. We hope they generate a self-regulation process so that they can get rid of this kind of copy-paste way of working.” With two years already invested, we hope that JLR receives the verdict they’re hoping for and can rid the automotive market of intellectual property theft.

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